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Our web application is the most stable and reliable WhatsApp Marketing Tool available in the Global Market.
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Start using WhatSent to 100% engaged with your current and potential customers.

WhatSent Register

Register an Account

WhatSent Dashboard

A simple yet powerful modern dashboard for our users.

Login Your Account

After the successful logged-in, the user will be redirected to our professional and modern dashboard.

WhatSent Dashboard

Dashboard Menu

WhatSent WhatsApp

Click WhatsApp

Link WhatsApp

After you clicked the Ad Account (+) you will be redirected to the QR Code scan to link your WhatsApp account on your mobile phone to our web application.

Please make sure you joined WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta first.
1. Go to WhatsApp Settings.
2. Tap Linked Devices.
3. Tap Multi-Device Beta.
4. Tap Join Beta.
  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Step 2: Tap Menu or Settings and select WhatsApp Web
  • Step 3: Point your phone at this screen and capture the code above

To start using our system you need to link your WhatsApp account from your smartphone to our web application by clicking the Add Account button (+).

Account Manager

Once the WhatsApp Account linking is successful you can check and see the WhatsApp Profiles on the Account Manager page. 

WhatSent Account Manager

Dedicated File Manager

Store your content files that you want to use for bulk sending or in making WhatsApp BOT inside our system easily.

WhatSent File Manager

Upload Videos & Images

Upload your files directly from your desktop or mobile phone, you can also integrate your own DropBox and OneDrive to use your files.

Want to use videos or images online? simply click the Enter Media URL button and paste the video or image URL that you want to use.

Add Text Caption

Add multiple text captions that you will use with your WhatsApp message BOT and message bulk sending to your contact list.

WhatsApp Automation Tools

Convert your leads to paying customers with WhatSent WhatsApp Automation web application.

Our Amazing System



This profile page is where you can see your API Access Token, Instance ID, Account Status and can logout your profile account here.



This is where you can add your automatic response to non-contact list or saved contacts message. Autoresponse serve as a trigger for your Chatbot if you want to engage to potential customer once they sent a message.

  • Select on STATUS if you want to Enable or Disable the autoresponder.
  • Choose to whom you want to send the auto response message (All, Individual or Group Only)
  • Upload a video or image if you want to send this file with the text message. This is great for sales and services promotion.
  • Write your caption text or use the saved caption that you made already.
  • Select a resubmit message time (by minutes from 1 to 3600). This option will send the response message again to potential customer according to your selected time interval.
  • On Except Contacts, you can choose a contact list that you don't want to send this autoresponse.
  • Click Submit button to activate or deactivate this feature.
Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging

One of the main advanced features of WhatSent is the ability to send bulk messages to non-contact or saved contact list using your own personal or business WhatsApp number.

How to Set-up

 1. Add a Contact Group, you need to create a group of your target contacts and import all the mobile numbers to the created group.

 2. Create Campaign, this is where you will set the contact group that you want to send the message; upload video or image file if you want to send promotional video or image together with the text caption. Set the Time Post, choose the exact date and time you want to send the promotional message, lastly, choose time interval of every message to be sent to your contact list. Click the Schedule button to start the campaign.

 3. Schedules, this is where you will view, edit or delete your created bulk message campaigns.



Our WhatSent Chatbot is our most reliable feature that is designed to save more of your time by creating and training an artificial intelligence WhatsApp BOT for your business or personal use; to answer each received message from non-contacts or your saved contacts.

  • Select on STATUS if you want to Enable or Disable the created Chatbot.
  • Choose to whom you want to send the Chatbot message (All, Individual or Group Only)
  • Choose a trigger Type, Message Contains the Keyword or Message Contains the Whole Keyword or Phrase.
  • Write a Name of the Chatbot (this will show in the Chatbot list)
  • Enter the keyword or keyword phrase that you want to use for this Chatbot. 
  • Upload video or image if you want to send this file to the receiver of the message.
  • Write your caption message (you can add next steps message too and write the keyword triggers for the next message to be sent)
  • Click Save to activate the created Chatbot. You can add more Chatbots according to your business needs.

You can use the autoresponse feature to start a message trigger.

Export Contact Group

Export Group Contact List

This feature will enable the user to export all his WhatsApp contact numbers from his group and use them in sending bulk message campaigns.



This advanced API feature is created for Developers or Technical users who want to integrate our system to their own application or 3rd party service providers.

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