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WhatSent is for Sales & Retail Business.

WhatSent is our advanced WhatsApp Marketing tool designed to help business owners in getting more sales.

Whether you are a Retail Shop or an Online Shop Owner, our web application would be a great tool to maximize your profit for long-term success.


Get More Daily Sales
With WhatSent WhatsApp Marketing

Retail Store

WhatSent is great for physical Retail Store, such as Clothing, Shoes and more.

Online Store

Our web application is best partnered with your Online Shop.

Dropshipping Store

WhatSent could boost more sales for you Dropshipping Store.

Use WhatSent for Your Sales & Retail Store or Online Shop

Stop using the old way of email marketing campaigns, start using the new WhatsApp Marketing to get more sales daily.

More than 90% Open-rate compare to Email Marketing, re-engage with your previous and current customers by sending bulk promotional message using WhatSent. 

Partner with POSTON.io our advanced digital marketing tools with Ecommerce System you will surely maximize your product sales.