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WhatSent is for Recruitment Agencies

Handling a Recruitment Agency with thousands of Applicants is time-consuming work. WhatSent will help you send bulk messages to all your Applicants even they are thousands or millions of them, using your own WhatsApp number.

Connect with your short-listed candidates for the interview schedule using our web application.

Send Scheduled Messages

Never miss informing your applicants about your new job hiring and scheduled job interview. Send scheduled messages with them according to your time-frames.

Send Engaging Images and Videos

Bored with text messages? try sending informative Images and Videos about your job hiring and interviews to your applicants anytime.

Use Your Own WhatsApp Number

There is no other WhatsApp Software that will allow you to use your own mobile number except WhatSent. Get higher open-rate and brand awareness with WhatSent.

Automate Response Messages

Our BOT Automation will do all the response messages tasks according to your agency needs. Let your applicants know that you are professional.

Job Hiring

The power of WhatsApp Message Notification is proven effective than email and push notification, with more than 90% Open-rate.

Always send a regular message about your new job vacancies to all your applicants, I’m sure they will love your agency. Become the most trusted recruitment agency worldwide using WhatSent.

Interview Schedule

You can’t call thousands of applicants in one day to attend your Interview Schedule, send bulk WhatsApp messages to all your candidates I’m sure they check the message.

I understand that most job-seekers are sometimes don’t answer calls due to some personal or work-related reasons. Solve this issue by using WhatSent, notify them directly to their WhatsApp number.

Applicant Onboarding

After loads of work from Meetings, Job Postings, and Interviews now it’s the most important part, the Applicant Onboarding.

It is very important to inform the candidates that they are hired and they should ready their documents for the onboarding process, WhatSent would help a lot in this process.

You can use our built-in Live Chat directly or send a scheduled or automated WhatsApp message to the hired applicants using WhatSent.