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Frequent Asked Questions

In Send Limit "the number of messages per month" - this is from one account or from all.

The Send Limit indicate the message limit for all WhatsApp profiles added to your account on the service. It doesn't matter how many accounts you add to the service, the message limit will be common for everyone.

Can I change accounts within the same Send Limit?

The number of accounts in each Send Limit is fixed, but you can delete unnecessary or blocked accounts and add others.

Is the contact number with the client saved when the account is blocked?

The contact number is not saved, because the connection to the account goes through the API in real time. If the phone is not available or is locked, you will not be able to get the list of contact number.

What is the probability of account blocking when sending messages through the service?

The blocking of the WA account, first of all, occurs due to user complaints about your messages and due to the sending of an advertising message with a link in the very first letter. And how you send, through a service, a program or manually does not really matter.

How to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

You can create at least two accounts by simply installing the Regular version of the WhatsApp application and the Business version. If you need more accounts, then you can use the WhatsApp Cloner application. And create the required number of copies of the application that can work independently.

Are you using the WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API is expensive for business starters, we use our own advanced in-house API partnered with the official WhatsApp Web to remove the monthly payment on the Official WhatsApp API.

Is the WhatsSent a legal/licensed Software?

Yes, WhatSent is owned and developed by SaGuLi Inc., a licensed Advertising and Marketing company based in New York. WhatSent is a patent software for digital marketing and built for business use.

Can I get free trial to check the WhatSent?

Yes, ofcourse!, you can use WhatSent for 7 days for free. After your trial you will have an option to upgrade your account.

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    Food & Beverage

    WhatSent is great for Restaurants and Coffee Shops remarketing campaigns.

    Recruitment Agencies

    WhatSent makes the recruitment process easier thru BOT Automation & Applicant message sending.

    Sales & Retail

    Generate an engaging BOT Automation to get all the potential customers on board with your Store.

    Digital Marketers

    Generate more sales by sending a promotional messages to your opt-in customers.